The Edinburg Roadrunners are a professional baseball team based in Edinburg, Texas in the USA. The Roadrunners are the defending 2012 Champions of the North American League (NABL), an independant professional league which is not affiliated with MLB. Nevertheless, many players have signed with MLB teams after playing with the Roadrunners, and veterans looking to revive careers often find leagues like the NABL a viable place to compete. The roadrunners, who play their home games at Edinburg Stadium, look to defend their title during the current 2013 season.

Developed by TeamSpeak Systems GmbH in Germany and utilized by millions, TeamSpeak is voice communication software which allows groups of people to speak with one another over the Internet. As pioneers in VoIP, TeamSpeak has been an industry leader for over 10 years and is now one of the most recognized brands in quality voice chat. For years TeamSpeak has dominated the gaming sector, offering superior voice quality, low latency, and an unparalleled feature set. TeamSpeak is also utilized in many non-gaming sectors such as education, simulators, business and finance, research and development, social networks, racing communities, virtual worlds, and military projects. In addition to Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms, TeamSpeak is also available on iPhone/iPad/iPod and Android mobile devices. TeamSpeak is FREE to use for non-commercial entities, and offers flexible licensing options for commercial use.

Our Washington, DC outpatient clinical practice specializes in the identification, assessment and treatment of complex social, emotional, behavioral and cognitive healthcare needs.
Comprehensive Psychological Evaluation and Assessment

Dr. Kenneth Michael Lomas                                                                                                  Dr. Carl C. Douthitt
Licensed Psychologist                                                                                                           Licensed Professional Counselor

Enthusiasm, ingenuity, technical expertise. When you hire TB Creative Designs, know that you are getting the best in the business. We offer our clientele an unbeatable combination of award-winning creative and vast pre-press / production knowledge. After all, what good is a visually stunning piece of artwork if it can’t be reproduced successfully?

I pride myself in my ability to work hand in hand with my clients, identifying their needs and solving their marketing dilemmas. I will provide you with a firm quote up front, and a step-by-step accounting of each project phase. The end result? expanded market share, dynamic visuals, and a project that came in on time, and on budget.

All of my work is of paramount importance to me. A simple T-shirt/ball cap design is just as critical as the development and implementation of a new website. Whatever the project, when I put my name on it, it’s my official endorsement. TB Creative Designs is your complete design / marketing / production company.

SpacialNet is the stream hosting division of Spacial, creator of SAM BroadcasterSAM Cast (formerly SimpleCast) and SAM DJ (formerly SAM Party DJ).As our programs grew in popularity, it became clear that we needed to provide end-to-end solutions spanning from the broadcasting software to the stream. For nearly 10 years, SpacialNet has excelled in top-notch steam hosting services, renowned for stability and dependability.In 2009, Spacial was acquired by Triton Digital. This gave us access to cutting-edge streaming technology, expert knowledge of the radio industry and its ecosystem, and exhaustive resources that have allowed us to grow in the right direction.

With the popular AudioRealm online radio directory in our roster, we look forward to serving our stream hosting clients for many years to come.

Diamond Medical Services, LLC is a minority-owned billing and practice management company that services the medical industry, supporting providers in all medically related fields. We typically work with practices that are dissatisfied with their profit margin and are challenged in prioritizing activities to improve operations. We merge our thorough understanding of operating a practice with our knowledge and training in all aspects of the medical practice and health insurance industries.

Vine 4 Design is the online portfolio and business of designer Kimberley Wilson.


As a user-focused designer, I combine captivating design with strategic planning to create solutions that turn visitors into customers. I provide professional graphic & web design services, as well as creative marketing services such as email campaigns, search engine optimization, social media marketing, web hosting, and domain registration - solutions that are guaranteed to help you efficiently promote your business's message to millions of internet users every day. Whether you are starting from scratch or improving an existing design, I'll make sure your goals are met and the results exceed your expectations. Contact me today to see how I can help you grow.

Hall’s on Post for all of your accounting and tax needs!
Since 1994, we’ve been doing tax returns and opened our own accounting business in 2003.
Because we are family owned and operated, we have low overhead and can pass these savings on to you. We’re half the price of H&R Block, Liberty Tax, or Jackson Hewitt, and we do it better!
Let us show you how we can provide you with excellent, dependable, and fast service.
Remember: Hall’s on Post for all your accounting needs.

At the Start 'N' Park Blog, we strive to be the fans’ voice by providing a one stop shop of news, information, and opinions when it comes to everything NASCAR.  We provide everything that NASCAR fanatics want.  We provide entry lists, qualifying and practice results, press releases, statistical information, and more.  We also provide original content from our team of writers.  If you are a huge NASCAR fan and want all of your desired information in just one place, then you need to check out Start 'N' Park